Adaptation is the storage of parameters needed by the control module to operate within the current operating conditions. Most BMW engine control modules are adaptive. These modules store information that keeps the vehicle running smoothly based on the regular operating conditions the vehicle is used in.

The adaptation values take into account many operating parameters of the vehicle. When a fault condition occurs the control module takes this in to account and adapts to continue operating with the fault condition. Since resetting the adaption will erase the adaptive values, it is normal for the vehicle to run rough or hesitate until the values are relearned. Some control modules will automatically reset adaptation values when fault codes are erased. Some BMW automatic transmission modules store adaptation data about the drivers driving style.

This information controls how the transmission shifts. For example a spirited drivers transmission will adapt to hold the same gear to a higher RPM and shift faster between gears. While a less aggressive drivers transmission will adapt to shift smoother and slower to offer smooth ride. Adaptations can be reset in Bavarian Technic from the commands window. On some control modules there is simply one selection for resetting adaptations. When there is only a single selection than all of the adaptive values will be reset.

Some newer control modules support resetting only specific adaptation values and the user can choose to reset only a part of the adaption values. A few BMW control modules have functions that allow the software to set the adaption values. Adaptations setting can also be found in the commands window. Adaptation From Bavarian Technic. Jump to: navigationsearch. Views Page Discussion View source History. Personal tools Log in.Read throuroughly and be sure to perform exactly as described.

If adaptation fails, let vehicle cool and begin again. Simultaneously we are pulling the ratio gear actuating motor into a zero position. NOTE: before attempting the up-shift adaptation, turn engine off. Check the oil level in the crankcase. Check the drive belt condition. Check the coolant level. If the vehicle has high mileage, there is the possibility the engine or transmission can be damaged by this process. Notify customer of risk involved with high mileage vehicles.

If brakes are applied, adaptation will stop and need to e restarted from beginning, it is not necessary to perform the shifting procedure. Be smart, do not take a risk trying to avoid braking. Stop as needed for safety. NOTE: sometimes the procedure does not work the first time. If so, start from a dead stop and try again. The CVT has been known to get permanently stuck in low gear if the gear ratio actuator motor fails. This typically results in a transmission rebuild or replacement.

March 10th, mini transmission. CVT adaptation procedure. Press and hold brake in the following steps. Start Engine. Take the vehicle to safe area where you can drive safely, accelerating and slowing down without obstructing traffic. From a dead stop accelerate quickly up to 55 MPH.

This will allow the vehicle to reach 55 MPH. When the vehicle has reached 55 MPH, maintain this speed for approximately ten seconds. Safely stop the vehicle, wait ten seconds and then proceed ahead. The transmission should shift correctly now.Remember Me?

General BMW Discussion. Diagnostic Software. How to reset transmission adaptation by INPA? Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page: Results 26 to 36 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Originally Posted by David Mc. If this is the DME fitted to your car, even Tool 32 will not help you as there is no option available to clear adaptations on this DME. I just reset my transmission adaptation values using INPA in my e65 since I just replace my guibo joint.

The car shifts like crap and the transmission fail safe light came on. Any suggestions? I was thinking of either resetting the adapatations again or disconnecting the battery for an hour.

Dont know what those codes are But I would never have reset this just for a guibo change. It would have learned on its own.

Dont think a battery nap will do much, but its free to try Id clear the codes, and let it idle for a while PM for details. I've been reading up on how other owners were resetting their transmission adaptation values and their cars drove alot smoother. If I had known that there was the slightest possibility that it would make the transmission shift like crap I would have left it alone. I have tried the pedal method but when I drive the car it feels like its slipping from gear and bucking.

I've read that you have to drive the car for around miles for it to relearn your driving habits. I'll try idling for a while and see if anything happens. Idling the engine won't do much, you need to drive it with as many variations of load and throttle position as you can think of as this is the only way for it to re-learn the values.

I was thinking of it idling just to establish some sort of running value before it slammed into TFS when put in gear. I dont have any idea how savvy these new trans are And a reasonable suggestion it was. Unfortunately lots of guys myself included try resetting trans adaptations only to find out that the trans itself is bad.

How to Reset BMW E90 series Transmission by INPA

Resetting transmission adaptations should not result in poor trans performance as it only resets factory default shift patterns. Hi David how are you? Got a question, getting p and p, at different times.

When cold the car runs perfect, but when it gets warm and pulling off from a stop, it slips? I am no automatic transmission specialist but slipping is never a good sign in automatics and usually indicates worn clutches. Email me and I will send you what I have on the auto transmissions, it is not much but may be of some help.

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BMW & MINI Throttle Body Adaptation Reset

Hi all- I've been researching this a bit, and can't find a clear answer Is there a way to rest the adaptation myself? Recently got the car back from service where they fixed a few things, including loose trim, etc. I also had them check for cold startup "lag". This does not happen when the car is fully warm.

It's kind of annoying, so had them look at it. After having a couple people drive it over 3 different mornings including shop foremanthey are basically saying nothing is wrong. He did say he reset the adaptation, as sometimes this helps "smoothness" of shifting. This is actually the 3rd time I've had this dealer shop tell me they reset the adaptation. The first 2 times were for a lag in between shifts, very noticeable in lower gears slower speeds.

After adaptation reset, it would be OK, but eventually would lag in between up-shifts again. After 2nd trip for the shift lag issue in spring ofthey agreed it wasn't right, and replaced the mechatronic basically, the heart of the transmission. I've not had any shift lag since this time. It's very crisp now. Back to current cold start lag issue Plus, although I can't explain it real well, the car overall just feels more responsive.

No beeps, clicks or anything, and the car seems the same. I asked the SA, he said he talked to the shop foreman, and they know of no way for customer to do it themselves. Has to be done thru their computer talking to the DME. He said he would do it for me at no charge whenever I ask. Nice, but taking all the time to make appointment, drive there, etcForums New posts. Garage New media New comments.

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Apr 19, 1, If you own a Schwaben BMW Scanner from Foxwell Technologies, and you need to do the transmission reset procedure here are some details you should know. In the transmission settings under "service" or "control" section, there are two transmissions available. If you have a 6hp21 unit, you should choose the 2 option. I am going to do my reset and relearn procedure tonight on my new Propulsive Dynamics 6HP21 unit.

Keeping fingers crossed! Bmwfixerguy1 Lieutenant. Jun 5, Bmwfixerguy1 said:. I'll tell you this, ZF engineers are maniacs over resetting trans adaptations. For a complete new unit that's a little different because the Egs has to get Programmed I know it slips the wholly hell outta the clutches during the learn in procedure from my understanding and that's why they are so against it.

They are very secretive to keep us dependent on them I think lol. I just k ow if you speak to one about a trans concern and start off with I rest adaptations your bound to get an earful lol Just look I to it I guess with used unit.

MacBB55 Specialist. Jul 22, 80 Northern California. MacBB55 said:. Show hidden low quality content. Post reply Preview. Insert quotes….The E61 wagon followed shortly there after.

View My Garage. I have heard of an automatic transmission reset procedure that goes something like the following: Turn on the car such that all the accessory lights are on but the motor is not running, depress the gas pedal all the way to the floor, keep the pedal there for 30 seconds and the transmission will reset to the original factory settings it will "unlearn" the adaptive settings.

My BMW Service Manager who has been very knowledgeable and honest on service matters says he never heard of this procedure, it's not in the BMW service manuals or technical bulletins, nor have his fellow mechanics heard of it. Can any of you confirm if the adaptive auto transmission "soft reset" procedure exists? Please pass on where I can find the procedure for my with comfort access if it exists. Is the procedure in the owners manual I can't find it in minedescribed in a technical bulletin, or described in any other BMW literature?

Remove Advertisements. I don't know where it's located in the manual if it isbut I know it works. My wife noticed a drastic improvement.

It worked on my '08 Here is how you do it: 1. Put key in the ignition 2. Click on the Start button without having your foot on the accelerator. At this point the lights on the dash will all light up. Push the accelerator to the floor and hold it for about 30 seconds. For me at about 20 seconds I heard a very faint sound.

bmw transmission adaptation reset

This is the reset sound. Don't worry if you don't hear it. Just keep your foot on the pedal for about 30 seconds. That's it. Now start the car and test it out. For me the acceleration from a stand still was much improved. I now don't feel like I need to drive in DS mode all the time. Let me know if this works for you. Thank you so much! Much better I'm new to BMW and I've been having similar issues with acceleration from a stop and was thinking I was just going to have to get used to it.

bmw transmission adaptation reset

Hi guys, is there a permanent solution for this issue? It worked for me but lasted for a week or so. Does that indicate a serious problem in the transmission or this is the way it is with BMW. Elhaekmir, The only permanent solution is to replace the mechantronic unit or your entire transmission. It is actually cheaper to get a new transmission as the mechatronic unit is the same price as the transmission. The reason the reset only last for about a week or so is that the unit is still malfunctioning and then once the vehicle completes the drive cycle then it will revert back to the original condition.

Thanks PoeticJustice72, I'm trying to convince the dealer to fix it, I took it three times so far, all they did is update the software, it worked for few days or so. Since the car is not throwing any codes, they keep telling me it's fine.To perform adaptations: to create an initial maps for all management systems long-term fuel trim map, ignition map, etc. For modern engines, adaptations are created for: accelerator pedal, throttle, VANOS, crankshaft, camshaft and knock sensors, fuel and ignition supply, wide-band Lambda probes, NOx sensor, etc.

Adaptations has to be renewed, if any of mentioned components is been replaced: sensor, ignition coils after misfireinjectors, not to mention more serious details VANOS, pistons, etc.

INPA loader 2. In this case you just have to follow the instructions. After deleting long-term fuel trims, you have to plan both time about half an hour and place calm stretch of road to create new long-term fuel trims. First driving session will be with switched off unheated Lambda probes — the flywheel data long-term trim will be in progress.

To perform the flywheel long-term trim, speed up in 4-th gear to RPM, and, lay off the accelerator pedal use the manual mode, if your car has automatic transmissionslow down to RPM.

More about flywheel adaptations: see entry about flywheel adaptations. Let the engine run idle for The performance of engine can be quite dull. Then I start the engine, go to point 2. If long-term fuel trims are deleted via ISTA D procedure change of injectors, Rough run test sequence — this part is not necessary. Start the engine, allow it to idle run for At the same time would be very good to control short-term fuel trims and values of offset long-term fuel trims.

When offset long-term fuel trims are overwritten, short-term fuel trims are within their normal rangespeed up easy, without too much enthusiasm, not to catch misfire to First After Turn on the engine, allow it to run idle for In this point repeated modification of long-term trim for idle run will happen long-term trims has been changed, because MSD80 re-adapted the injectors according to their real flow characteristics.

When offset long-term trims are overwritten, it can be considered, that initial long-term fuel trims for both banks are completed. Of course, the engine will continue with creating long-term trim maps for other performance modes high load, cold engine etc.

Some of the error messages stops creating of long-term trims, so it is very important to spot these error messages immediately, delete them and repeat the actual long-term trim stage. Rough run values are fluctuating around 0. Yes, usually nobody strains to do this — error messages deleted, problem solved, happy travels.

How to Reset & Re-learn the 6HP19/21 Transmission Adaptations

Unfortunately quite often it ends with uneven running of engine, lots of error messages and again — to service, look for a problem etc. Short step by step procedure is described here and here. After new adaptations are completed after Procedure: how to create flywheel and initial fuel adaptations using INPA.

Injectors flow rate coding. Flow rate. Trim errors. Hidden cause. Skip to content.

E92 How To - Gearbox Adaptation Reset

Performing adaptations is very important stage after replacing any meaning component of engine. What does it means — to perform adaptations?

bmw transmission adaptation reset